DDR5 DIMM Socket Status and DDR4 Spec Comparison

DDR5 DIMM Socket Status

JEDEC began initial DDR5 socket standard (also called DDR5 connector) in 2018, and delivered several proposed versions based on global socket makers' performance in 2019 and 2020. JEDEC works with partners (e.g. Intel) to conduct socket performance tests, including high-temperature warpage (similar to 3D X-ray soldering ability test based on IPC-A-610 standard) and signal integrity (SI) tests. The results of these performance tests are sent to all global socket makers, as the basis of product improvement and industrial comparison. The results also open to share with electronics brands and ODM/OEM/EMS companies, using as the accountable 3rd party reference.

DDR5 vs. DDR4 DIMM Socket Spec. Comparison  

DDR5 DIMM socket (288 Pin), including UDIMM, RDIMM & LRDIMM, has been released performance standard in January 2021 by JEDEC. Below are the introduction of DDR5 DIMM socket. To download full report, please find link at page bottom via google drive. 

Argosy_DDR5 DIMM socket_structure

Argosy_DDR5 DIMM socket_spec options

Argosy_DDR5 DIMM socket_vs. DDR4 DIMM socket_ spec comparison

DDR5 DIMM socket status and DDR4 spec. comparison, click to download full report DDR5 DIMM Socket Introduction (via google drive).