Introducing Type-C Thunderbolt 5 Connectors

USB Type-C/ USB-C Thunderbolt 5 Introduction

Intel announced Thunderbolt 5 technology (or called TBT5) in Sep. 2023, and launched new control chip “Barlow Ridge”.

Soon after, the Thunderbolt 5 certification was granted to all Thunderbolt 4 certified connectors in Dec. 2023.

Therefore Argosy’s 4 part# was the world’s first batch of connectors upgraded from Thunderbolt 4 to Thunderbolt 5.

It is expected that several Thunderbolt 5 PCs and accessories will be launched in year 2024.

Argosy_Type-C Thunderbolt 5 connectors

The difference among Thunderbolt 5, Thunderbolt 4 & USB4


Thunderbolt 5

Thunderbolt 4


PC Speed

Dynamic: 80 Gbps bi-directional OR

120 Gbps transmit plus 40 Gbps receive

40 Gbps

Gen 3 single lane – 20 Gbps

Gen 3 dual lane – 40 Gbps

PC Video

Two 6K monitor

Two 4K monitors

One monitor

PC Data

PCIe 64 Gbps

USB3 – 10 Gbps

PCIe 32 Gbps

USB3 – 10 Gbps

USB3 – 10 Gbps

PC Charging

Require up to 140W

Available up to 240W

Require up to 100W

Available up to 140W


Charging for accessories





TBT5/4/3, USB4, USB3, DP 2.1

TBT4/3, USB4, USB3


Connector SI Performance

Impedance: 85±6Ω

The rest of criteria are same as TBT4

Impedance: 85±9Ω

The rest of criteria are same as TBT5

Same as TBT4

Argosy Type-C Connectors Listing & Certificates

Ÿ All our Type-C connectors pass 10,000 mating reliability test, and support up to 240W (5A*48V) power

Ÿ TBT5/ TBT4/ USB4 category: 4 part# approved by TBT5 & TBT4; 9 part# approved by USB4 TID

Ÿ Higher power category: 2 part# support up to 7A*20V (140W) power

Ÿ Waterproof category: 1 part# achieves IPX8 of IEC 60529 after 2 times Reflow

Ÿ Design for ultra-thin category: 12 part# are mid-mount, specific for thin devices

Ÿ Baseline category: 24 part# achieve USB 3.2 (10 Gbps) data speed with TID#

Ÿ Industry & automotive category: 3 part# are vertical-mounting

Ÿ Functional category: offering connector with screw locking shell; lead-in flange opening; nickel plating optional and etc.

Our Product catalog 2024 edition is available, click her to download via Google cloud.