Argosy USB Type-C Waterproof Connector Beyond IPX8 Performance

Argosy TYPE-C Development

Argosy has developed more than 20 different specifications of Type-C Receptacles & Plug connectors, including Top-mount / Mid-mount, Right Angle / Vertical orientation, Dual-Row SMT / Hybrid (Thru-hole + SMT) PCB mount type, Screw lock shell, Nickel plated shell and etc., to satisfy various applications & devices. All our Type-C connectors pass 10,000 times mating & un-mating test, and acquire USB-IF TID No. with corresponding quality verification tests: Electrical test (High-Frequency included), Mechanical test, Environmental test & Compliance test. All our Type-C support from 10 Gbps speed (USB 3.1 Gen 2), and some achieve 40 Gbps high-speed with USB4 Gen3 pre-test certificate & Intel Thunderbolt4 recommendation.


TYPE-C Connector Test & Performance

Today, we would like to introduce Type-C Waterproof IPX8 Connector, where we adopt series of rigorous tests from Reflow simulation, Air Tightness test & Terminal Coplanarity test. Here are our test method and result.

Step 1. Reflow: Pre-heat 150~180, 90±30sec. / Heat 230 Min., 30±10sec. / Peak Temp. 260 Max, 3~5sec.

Step 2. Air Tightness Test: 20kPa ±5%, 5sec., Leakage criteria <40Pa

Step 3. Terminal Coplanarity Test: Lead Coplanarity criteria <0.1mm

Step 4. Electrical Test: measure whether good functioning

Test Performance:


Before Reflow

After 1st Reflow

Air Tightness

Air Tightness

 (criteria <40Pa)

Lead Coplanarity

(criteria <0.1mm)



0 Pa





82 Pa max.

Fail, due to Un-inflatable



*FP4 also PASS in Air Tightness & Lead Coplanarity, after 2 times Reflow.

**In customer requested scenario, FP4 even PASS 60kPa, 40sec. condition.

TYPE-C Waterproof Connector Item


Online Catalog

Our product catalog is available at (via Google Cloud) or email to [email protected] for further information.