Two Reasons to Use Argosy's DDR5 SO-DIMM Connectors

Two reasons to use Argosy’s DDR connectors

1.     Experienced & Mass Production

Argosy stepped in DDR connector market since 2006, to manufacture DDR2 & DDR3 SO-DIMM connectors. As technology transition, we continued to develop DDR4 SO-DIMM & Long DIMM connectors, and increased our global laptop market share gradually- from 30% in 2016 to 40% in 2018. In 2020, our DDR3/4 SO-DIMM connectors shipment achieved over 100KK pcs with global laptop market share over 50%.

Additionally, we joined DDR5 spec. design with JEDEC & Intel since 2018, and launched DDR5 SO-DIMM & Long DIMM (incl. R DIMM & U DIMM) in 2020.


2.     Excellent Design Capability

According to JEDEC’s recent DDR5 SO-DIMM 4.0H and 8.0H Signal Integration (SI) test reports, Argosy is the best performer.

In 4.0H SI report, there are 5 vendors tested by JEDEC & Intel in Oct. 2020, 3 of 5 vendors passed all requirements, and Argosy is one of them.

In 8.0H SI report, there are 3 vendors tested by JEDEC & Intel in Oct. 2020, and Argosy is the ONLY ONE passed all requirements.

Besides, our DDR5 Long DIMM connector has also been approved the best performance in SI, High Temperature Warpage and Solder joint tests (0% Defect Rate & meet IPC-A-610 Class 2) among global suppliers. All the tests were conducted by JEDEC, Intel, global brands & OEMs.


To sum up, we demonstrate excellent design, manufacture and management capability to serve customers with high performance, reliable quality and stable delivery.

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