Introducing LPDDR5 CAMM2 Connector

LPDDR5 CAMM2 Introduction

CAMM2 refers to Compression Attached Memory Module Gen 2.

The “CAMM” was first introduced by Dell, and was promoted to JEDEC in 2022. JEDEC began the standard discussion and proposed the “CAMM2” solution in 2023. Eventually, JEDEC published the “CAMM2 Common Standard” in Q4 2023, to define both CAMM2 module and connector.

CAMM2 has five features

(1)support memory capacity up to 128GB

(2)*the assembled module downsized 57%

(3) *speed up data rate by reducing 50% MB routing

(4)able to change PCB placement helps thermal issue

(5)connector reliability enhanced due to compression contact design

*the above are evaluated based on 1pcs of CAMM2 128GB equivalent to 4pcs of DDR5 SODIMM module

Argosy joined as one of the CAMM2 contributors, and engaged in CAMM2 connector (incl. top cover & back plate) development, microelectronic assembly and performance requirement. Our CAMM2 connector has passed SI criteria, and complete mass production preparation in Jan. 2024.

LPDDR5 CAMM2 Connector

LPDDR5 CAMM2 Connector Spec.

  • 644 pins, pitch 1.00 x 1.38mm, without ground shields
  • Dimension 78.00(L) x 17.00(W) x 1.00(H)mm
  • 1A per pin ratings, 25 cycles durability
  • CAMM2 is dual-channel that supports LPDDR5 SDRAMs up to 128Gb
  • Can also supply the cover w/ screws & the back plate for CAMM2 module

LPDDR5 CAMM2 Module set