Three Reasons to use Argosy's DDR5 DIMM Sockets

DDR5 Market News

DDR5 penetrates rapidly: 10% of PCs and 15% of Server will adopt DDR5 by end of 2021, according to TrendForce. Server platforms, Intel Eagle Stream and AMD EPYC Genoa, will be released in this year, supporting DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. DRAM brands announced DDR5 module successive from Q4 2020. In summary, DDR5 Generation has come, and Argosy’s DDR5 DIMM sockets are ready!

*DDR DIMM socket: also known as DDR Long DIMM socket/connector

Three reasons to use Argosy’s DDR5 DIMM Sockets

1. 3rd Parties Approved Best Performance

We joined DDR5 spec design with JEDEC & Intel since 2018, and launched DDR5 DIMM sockets in 2019. Here are the summary of DDR5 DIMM socket’s 3rd party tests, conducted by JEDEC, Intel, server brand and EMS.

  • No.1 in 3D X-Ray solder joint performance “0% Defect Rate” among 5 vendors in HPE DoE build, which conforms to IPC-A-610 Class 2 requirement, tested by HPE & IEC (Jan. 2021)
  • No.1 in High-Temperature Warpage performance among 8 vendors, test by JEDEC (Jun. 2020)
  • No.1 in High-Temperature Warpage performance among 5 vendors, tested by Intel (Sep. 2019)
  • No.2 in Signal Integration performance, among 6 vendors, tested by JEDEC (Aug. 2019)

DDR5 HT warpage test profile by JEDEC

2. Experienced & Mass Production Maker

Argosy stepped in DDR market since 2006, to manufacture DDR2 & DDR3 sockets. As technology transition, we continued to develop DDR4 & DDR5 sockets, and increased our global laptop market share gradually. In the past five years, our DDR yearly shipment & market share changed from 71.7kk (30.1%) to 100.4kk (51.8%). As of this year, our production capacity of DDR SO-DIMM achieves 12kk per month; DDR DIMM (RDIMM & UDIMM) achieves 9kk per month. Additionally, we are the first and the only DDR DIMM socket production line in Hsinchu factory of Taiwan with capacity 1kk per month. Meanwhile, our Kunshan factory is constructing the second 12,000sqm production facility.

Argosy_DDR5 DIMM連接器

3. Most Spec Combinations

We provide RDIMM and UDIMM with the most combinations of spec.

  • Latch distance (opening status)- 162mm / 156mm with metal bridge
  • Terminal plating- Nickel (50-150μ’’) / High Nickel (90μ’’ min)
  • Board lock type- hook / tab / hook-tab hybrid
  • Adjustable Ejector- single side / dual side
  • Housing & Ejector surface- glossy surface / matte surface
  • Housing & Ejector color- black, blue, dark gray, green, orange, red,white, yellow

Argosy_DDR5 DIMM spec options

To sum up, we demonstrate excellent design, manufacture and management capability to serve global customers with high performance, reliable quality and stable delivery.

Feel free to contact us for DDR sockets spec, performance report or sample.