Type-C Connector New Release and Market Status

Type-C / USB-C Market Status

The European Commission raised legislative proposal for making Type-C a common charger for mobile smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld video-game consoles in Sep. 2021.

So far, Type-C has been used in many applications, such as mobile devices (smartphone & wearable), PCs (incl. monitor), accessories (hub, adaptor & power bank), storage (SSD & HDD), home entertainment (set-op-box & game console), smart home (smart speaker & router) and outdoor gadgets (drone & action camera).

It’s expectable that more and more new arrival devices will choose Type-C as the only I/O port, e.g. AR/VR, TV (8K/4K), office equipment (MPF & projector), transport (vehicle, motor & bike) and even wall outlet (home & public facilities).

According to Market Reports World, The global Type-C market was valued at 5,357M USD in 2021 and estimated to grow with CAGR 15.97% from 2021 to 2027.


Today, the standard specification of Type-C (or USB-C), is required 10Gbps transmission speed as well as 100W power supply. For higher performance, USB-IF released USB4 Gen 3 standard (40Gbps & 240W @5A*48V) and Intel began Thunderbolt 4 certificate to qualify very limited connector parts and manufacturers in year 2021. Meanwhile, Intel Tiger Lake, Apple M1 and AMD Ryzen 6000 CPUs are launched consecutively, and all support USB4 Type-C.


2021 New Release Type-C Connector

Argosy provides over 20 different specification of Type-C connectors, including top performance, super speed, waterproof, and various spec mix for different mechanical designs and function requirements.

Ÿ   USB4 Gen 3 & Thunderbolt 4: FM6, FT4 (FM5, *FMD, *FT8, *FTC are under testing)

FM6 & FT4 both are the world’s first batch of certified USB4 Gen 3 & Thunderbolt 4 Type-C connectors

Ÿ   Super Speed++ (20 Gbps): FM0, FM1, FM2, FM5, *FMD, *FT8, *FTC

Ÿ   Super Speed+ (10 Gbps): FM4, *FMA, *FMB, FM3, FT2, FT7, FV1, FV3, FV4, MC2 (plug side)

Ÿ   Waterproof IP68: FP4 (FP0 in under development)

Ÿ   Vertical Orientation: FV1, *FV3, *FV4

Ÿ   Ultra-thin (center height <1.5mm): FM0, FM1, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, FM6, *FMA, *FMB, *FMD

Ÿ   Special Functions: FM5 with screw locking, FT4 with lead-in flange, and all available for shell plated with Nickel

Ÿ   USB-IF TID certified: FM0, FM1, FM3, FM5, FM6, FT2, FT4, FT7 (*FMD, *FT8, *FTC are applying for TID)

USB-IF ensures TID certified connectors complying with electrical, mechanical and environmental reliability criteria

*marked are new to the market

Argosy- Type-C and USB-C new release connector specification